The Last Day of Summer Camp, or What to Do at the End of the ‘Universe’?

Under an almost full moon we sat in the dry grass between the Cowell Apartment Community Room and fields that look off over the sea. Earlier that day we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We played mini golf and rode the Giant Dipper. Now we were sitting beneath the glow of the wooden […]

(Re)producing Keys: Meditations on “Ash-Keys” After Grossman’s Talk

Since beginning Barnaby Rudge earlier this summer, the opening paragraph’s mention of the Maypole’s maypole emblem as “a fair young ash, thirty feet in height” struck me as perplexingly significant. In a novel about a locksmith, in a novel throughout which keys proliferate and circulate, it seems undeniably meaningful that the seeds of the type […]

Sunday Lecture: “Idiot Protagonism” Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams’s Sunday night lecture centered around the various “empty centers” in Barnaby Rudge that allow different forces of history to flow through them, from Barnaby’s own mental vacancies as an “idiot” to the formal empty center of the five-year gap in narration. In addition to this strand, though, Williams highlighted the significance of private […]

Introduction: Megan!

Hello there! My name is Megan O’Donnell and I’m currently a Ph.D student in English at the University of Delaware. Broadly, I study nineteenth-century British literature and science. In particular, I’m interested in the different ways that the reciprocal relationship between nineteenth-century speculative fiction and science influenced the modern ecological imagination. I approach speculative fiction […]

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